Number 137 / September 2002

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Published by the Open Canoe Sailing Group

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BCU Star Tests (WalterG)

Just looking at ideas to give our canoe sailors some targets of competence to aim for, should they wish to do so. These could be on the lines of the BCU 1, 2 & 3 Star Tests, incorporating some of the BCU tests but more applicable to sailing, e.g. no rolling, but self recovery would be in at some level. The training for the tests could be incorporated in the workshops. If the idea meets with any approval, a small working committee could be formed and contact with the BCU arranged to formalise it and integrate the sailing canoe 3 star tests in the BCU manual. Instructors would be required but we have a number of canoe instructors already.

Something for the melting pot. Any comments, anyone?


Cruising Trophy (WalterG)

I believe we have a Cruising Trophy that no one tries for. I don't know the criteria for gaining this but the Dinghy Cruising Club has such a trophy and will have guidelines that we could use, or modify. Having read the July edition of the Gossip, which is full of cruising, I thought that this omission should be rectified. As I do the yearly ranking chart, I would be prepared to collect the data from competing members once we have established the parameters. Perhaps a simple form could be prepared i.e. mileage, offshore, lakes, rivers, over night stops, portages etc. with points awarded.

What do you think, folks? Send in your comments!


European Matters (RoyB)

Bernard is tops!
At the Dutch Canoe Symposium held at Roermond in May, BernardO won the European Championship. In this race JohnB gained second place and Sjaak van der Wert came in third. Our congratulations to all concerned. Unfortunately our Dutch colleagues, who had expressed an interest in coming to Loch Lomond, were in the end unable to do so.

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