Number 201 / August 2008

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However, he went out to the centre of the lake, more wind here, I was running out of wind near to the shore, and he pipped me.

The results speak for themselves, and overall time differences not that great, and much nearer than a few years ago. The Shearwaters have been designed to be both fast and safe, and carry a lot of gear canoe-camping. It will be interesting to see how the whole season pans out for them.

After a short discussion, it was decided to run another race after only a short break, and a different course was chosen, NOT down to the end of the lake. However, it appeared that both Gavin, and Louise, who had turned up and borrowed a boat, had not heard this, and sailed merrily down to Pooley Bridge! From the shore, we could imagine Keith's glee, as he came straight back from the other side of the lake and won.

Again, many thanks to the organisers and the Lakes weather for a lovely weekend.

Going With The Flow (MalcolmC)

Morecambe to Arnside Sun, 8th June 2008

8.30 am. Coastal waters forecast for Fleetwood to the Solway and 6 miles out to sea valid until 6pm….. Wind SW force 3-4, visibility good, sea state slight. The trip was on!!

I have fancied the idea of a local coastal trip for some time and have looked at the Arnside area many times. The question was where to sail from and was it feasible? Morecambe Bay dries to vast areas of silty sand at low water. Great for cockle pickers but not much good for sailing. There is also the possibility of a bore in the Kent estuary up to Arnside. In fact the conditions suitable for the trip would be unlikely to generate a bore but we would have to make sure that we arrived after any possibility. We also needed enough water to be able to sail up the estuary!

I studied the bay at various places and states of the tide and concluded that it should be possible to sail from Morecambe on the flood tide. The distance from Morecambe to Arnside is about 10 miles; a reasonable trip and possible in say 2 to 3 hours. DaveP, who has experience of sailing in the bay, thought the idea was OK, so we decided on a date with an afternoon high water at Arnside and just coming off springs. We then just hoped for the right weather because at times we would be up to 2 miles from land.

Lengthy negotiations at Morecambe Town Hall secured a launching permit for the promenade slipway and three boats arrived at the slip on Dave & Jan's trailer just before lunchtime on Sunday. Leisurely assembly took place as we watched the tide miraculously start to cover the sand banks which barred our route to Arnside. The local sailing club were launching some of their boats from the same slip and confirmed that we would easily be able to get afloat 2 hours before high water. They were very interested in our craft and very friendly. We were even invited to use the facilities at their club house as there were no public ones around.

Dave and OliverP in a Solway Dory Shearwater, JanP in Petrel and myself in Puddles sailed off the slip at about 1.45 pm in glorious sunshine with Grange easily visible across the bay. We were soon scooting along and Morecambe was rapidly receding behind us. After about a mile we hove to and Dave reported that his GPS was showing 4mph even though we were not sailing! On we went with the wind just aft of the beam. Dead easy sailing pointing exactly where we wanted to go.

In about the middle of the bay the water got rather lumpy and we concluded from its colour that we were crossing a shallow bank. Ahead we could see greener water and when we reached it conditions quietened down a bit. The wind was proving true to forecast and blowing about F4 from the SW.

A little further on and, maybe, about a mile off Kents Bank, the lumpiness started again and we all experienced our leeboards bumping on the bottom. Approaching the entrance to the estuary we found the channel again and Dave now reported a speed over the ground of 7mph whilst hove to!! The maximum speed over the ground when sailing was in excess of 10mph.

We now had a swift run up the estuary with the banks rushing by. We were much earlier than we had anticipated but there seemed to be enough water so we carried on. The plan was to land in a tiny bay just next to the viaduct. Although the tide was still sluicing between the piers at this time I knew that there was a strong back eddy in the bay and as long as we kept well to the right there should be little danger of being swept through.

As we reached Arnside we could see crowds of people on the promenade and on the pier. However, they had not come to welcome us. They were just tourists enjoying the fantastic weather.

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