Number 203 / October 2008

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Report On The Welsh Weekend: Bala (JanP)

The campsite on the east side of Bala Lake is one of the most beautiful places to hold OCSG meets and this weekend there was everything you could wish for except perhaps a little more wind. However, considering the awful weather we have had this summer, most people seemed happy enough to forgo the racing and bask in the sunshine.

Over a dozen boats were on the beach at some time or other and the very light breeze tempted most people onto the water on Saturday morning. VeronicaH was persuaded to accompany Graham for a sail and it was nice to see MikeW and family in their new boat. AndyW was able to join us on Saturday with his folding canoe. Several of us decided to paddle rather than sail towards

Gwynedd, Wales (map originally published in The Gossip in August, 2008).

the teashop at the north end of the lake but happily enough wind blew up from the south west to make it worth setting sails for the last stretch.

Keith and Ann put up their spinnaker and those ghosting along behind the paddlers soon caught up, so that everyone arrived in time for lunch outside on the terrace at the café. The sun shone for the return trip and it was an easy sail to windward, made all the more interesting for me with my new high aspect sail and freshly oiled and polished boards; try as I might I still couldn't keep up with Steve and DaveS - the leaders of the pack.

An early evening committee meeting drew more than the usual crowd, where items such as the recent training meet, creating a Gossip archive and the calendar for next year were discussed. Afterwards, the usual pub outing for food took place but with such congenial weather, several of us decided to stay to eat at the campsite. Later, we gathered round for a drink and chat just like old times.

Autumn mists greeted us on Sunday morning, with the promise of an even warmer day that such still weather often brings. Racing was not possible or even desirable for some of us and when the day started to warm up people chose to paddle their canoes, practice capsizing, go for a walk, ride

the steam train or catch up on some sunshine and while away the time reading or gossiping instead. All were fitting activities to end a relaxing weekend.

Photos by DaveM (see more on his web-site) and RodL.

Sunday morning line up.

JohnS making the most of the calm, warm water for a capsize drill.

Monkeying (J D Hayward)

Monkeying is a general term for the performance of odd jobs about a boat. It is not everybody who has the time or skill to build or rig his own craft, but every canoeist should be able to repair damage to his boat and its belongings, at least in a temporary manner. He should also be able to maintain his craft in good order, and to make such minor alterations as may seem advisable. A knife, a marlinespike, a small toolbox, screws, screw-eyes, spare blocks, cleats, lines and spun yarn, some

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