Number 220 / June 2010

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Noel repairing his tiller.

Noel running back minus his boom.

the pivot, probably due to overstressing when dropped in the water. His (second-hand) boom also broke in two, at a riveted fitting, probably due to internal corrosion. He carried out a temporary, lashed repair on the tiller and having removed the boom remnants managed to sail back boomless and rather precariously, with Keith escorting close by.


GrahamD had come from Preston with his unusual shunting proa, rigged with a genoa set as a headsail and interesting rudder/leeboards (see photo). Unfortunately he suffered a couple of mast breakages and plans to make a mast from a single length of alloy tube, rather than two shorter sections. This illustrates the considerable compression loads exerted by a headsail on a mast supported with stays; these are very different from the forces exerted by the more typical 'cat' rig.

It was also good to see some old friends, especially WalterG who was back on the water with us for the first time after some serious health issues back around Christmas time. Joyce called by on Sunday with more of the family to check we were looking after him properly. After enjoying sailing the Shearwater he bought from Jim, he has reverted to his trimaran due to the sections being lighter and easier to lift onto the car - an important consideration for him with his heart condition. The Shearwater is now on the market.

Sunday's weather was much better; sunshine and the wind, though still being cold and from the north, had moderated. A couple of races were planned and, with no one inclined to miss out on competing, Rod did the starting signals from the water with a whistle. This was not all that effective as the start line was rather too long for everyone to hear it but we got away without too many difficulties. A simple fair-sized triangle for two laps was the course with the first two legs being nicely to windward. It provided some close racing before Ann & KeithM established a short lead over AndyW, Ellen & JeffB and RodL at the upwind mark, which they were to extend to finish first and take up timing duties for the rest of the fleet.

Jeff primed and ready for paddling action - is that a tree on his head or extra sail area?


A more select bunch of mugs had a go at Rod's favourite paddling/sailing race and this was also closely fought. The course comprised a paddling leg of perhaps 150 metres across the wind from the start, rig sails and sail upwind/downwind legs of perhaps 500 metres before derigging and retracing the first leg under paddle to the finish. Noel quickly realised the limitations of a rig where the sail can't be stowed properly on the water and struggled to paddle to the starting line-up in the light side-wind. Some paddlers were using double blades, others single and there was much stirring of the waters before Keith reached the first mark under paddle slightly ahead, but proceeded to get blown a long way downwind while setting sail. Andy did much better, as did Rod and it was very close round the upwind mark. Keith did his best to get back on terms during the run back and once sails were stowed again he managed to sneak ahead of Rod but still came in behind AndyW, a worthy winner. The bent shaft paddle seems to work well!

Thanks go to Rod for organising a good meet.


Expeditions (KeithM)




DaveM and JohnS meet up with RolandD near Balloch.

Carrick Castle, Loch Goil.

Two different parties of OCSG members have been in Scotland recently, undertaking canoe sailing/camping expeditions.

DaveM, JohnS and AndyW did the Three Lochs Round [Loch Lomond, (Clyde) and Loch Long]. Actually they extended it into five lochs to include Gareloch, Holy Loch and Loch

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